Membrane Pharmacy Structure Dynamics   (MPSD) project

Priv.Doz. Dr. Thomas Nawroth


University Mainz
Department FB09 , Biochemistry ,
Pharmacy , AK_Langguth

teaching program summer-2014 in Mainz

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Health, Environment & Security

    Projects and objects :

    NanoPharmacy : BioNanoparticles  for 
    Therapy, imaging, diagnosis preliminary
    NanoParticles for medical, technics, research applications : Liposomes, Ferrofluids, Polymers:  preliminary
    IRT : Indirect Radiation Therapy of Cancer

    Treatment of cancer by indirect radiation therapy, which reduces side reactions and radiation demage


    Oral Medicine & Gastro-Intestinal Modeling



    Improvement of oral drug administration (BCS 2-4), simulator device for the GI-tract:  preliminary


    Bionalytics for Bio-Medicine, Pharma-Tech



    BioMedical Chemistry Methods: DLS, SANS, RT, MTT, Cell, Tox, Computing:  preliminary

    Structural Biology Structure and dynamics investigation of pharmaceutical, biological macromolecules and membranes
    Membrane-Proteins Structure and function of membrane proteins
    BioEnergetics Functional coupling of proteins in energy metabolism of cells
    Molecular Motion Molecular motion in  proteins and motile polymers (domain motion)
    ATP-Synthase ATP- synthase: Properties, Structural regulation, Structural film of working enzyme (Synchrotron)
    Oxygen Proteins Oxygen transport and metabolism : Myoglobins, Hemoglobins, Cytochrome-enzymes
    Membrane structure Proton transport accross membranes and membrane structure 
    Time Resolved Methods Kinetic studies with flash and stopped-flow rapid mixing devices 
    FLASH-Photochemistry Kinetic studies and technology for flash photolysis and time resolved photo-labeling, SAXS, SANS 
    Evolution Molecular evolution of proteins, exobiology and origin of live
    Computing Programs and hardware for data evaluation, molecular modelling, simulation and experiment control

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