Membrane Protein Structure Dynamics 

Research group : Priv.Doz. Dr.habil. Thomas Nawroth 

Oxygen - Transport and Metabolism 

Preliminary page
This Page is beeing prepared for a description of proteins of oxygen transport and metabolism (Oxido-reductases), and related cytochrome-proteins:
The objects of our research in this field are:

Myoglobin Mb
Mini-Myoglobin MMb
Neuroglobin NGb
Hemoglobin Hb
Hemocyanin HC
Cytochrome-c Cyt-c
Cytochrome-c oxidase COX
Quinol oxidase (alternative oxidase) QOX
Cytochrome-c reductase (cytochrome bc1-complex) bc1

The biological function is described in the bioenergetics and membrane protein pages. For an overview of work on Myoglobin, Hemoglobin and Cytochrome-c, refer to the TUM-Physics-E17 page please.

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