Membrane Pharmacy Structure Dynamics 

Research group : Priv.Doz. Dr. Thomas Nawroth 


The publication list is organized in six object classes :

  Thesis list   Diploma-, PhD-, Habilitation- thesis
  Papers and books   Full papers and book contributions (with citation index)  with download-links  updated  
Short papers Short papers (with citation index / ISBN / published)  with download-links  updated  
  Conference_proceedings   Conference proceedings    with download-links  updated  
  Application reports   Application reports of industrial and technical objects  
  Scientific reports   Reports of projects and experiments  with download-links  updated  

The actualized short abstracts may differ in the text from the original abstracts because of rewriting in order to avoid any copyright problems. Several objects are available online as *.PDF download-files. For reading you need the Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Reader (Trade Mark of Adobe Systems Inc.).

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