Membrane Pharmcya Structure Dynamics (MPSD) 

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Lectures and practice in biophysical chemistry and membrane research.

According to our interdisciplinary concept of "biophysical chemistry of membrane research" we offer three arrangements for students and scientists  in (bio)chemistry, biology or (bio)physics:
The methods and technology of membrane protein purification is subject of the lecture "Methods of membrane biochemistry". Analytics of biological systems are subject of the "Bioanalytics" lecture, which includes food technology aspects. On demand a course in wine analytics and chemistry is offered.
The lectures "Biophysics for biologists 1 and 2" were 2002-2005 offered specifically for the biology education at TUM, Weihenstephan (ECTS, bachelor). At Mainz this themes are subject of the lectures "Biophysical chemistry of membranes and membrane proteins" and "Structural biology".

The lectures "Biophysics2 for biologists" and "Structural biology", are focussed on molecular methods. The subjets are: principles of the structure-dynamics relation of proteins, radiation biophysics and radiation demage, isotops in structural biology, magnetic resonance (NMR, EPR), absorption methods: Mößbauer spectroscopy and EXAFS, scattering of soltutions using Light-, Neutron- and X-ray (PCS, small angle scattering SAS),  basics of crystallography, and time resolved methods (flash photolysis, caged-compounds, stopped-flow rapid mixing).

You can get practice knowledge and skill in special courses and workgroup exercises on demand. Furthermore at the TUM the opportunity of a limited job as practicant (Werkstudent)  is offered, e.g. in industry cooperation ( Optionaly You can learn the technology of membrane-protein purification and reconstitution in model membranes (liposomes) and some techniques of biophysical chararacterisation in the membrane biochemistry course. Please note the possibilities for seminars and courses at the Institutue for meloecular Biophysics, Biology department, at the Gutenberg-University, Mainz.

Actual :

Lecture4 : Structural Biology -
Radiation Biophysics, NMR, Scattering
Script : available (version WS 2005/2006)
Location : Biochemistry Institute, BecherWeg 30, 1st floor
Time : (winter semester 2006/07) : Mo, 9h15-11; exercises: 11-12h

Prior and future lectures :

Lecture1 : Methods of membrane biochemistry
Script : available (version SS 2006)
Location : Biochemistry Institute, BecherWeg 30, 1st floor
Time : (last: summer semester 2006) :


Lecture2 : Biophysical chemistry of membranes and membrane proteins
Script : available (version SS 2002)
Location : Biochemistry Institute, BecherWeg 30, 1st floor
Time : (last: summer semester 2002) :

Lecture3 : BioAnalytics with Biophysical and Biochemical methods
Location : Biochemistry Institute, BecherWeg 30, 1st floor
Time (last: winter semester 2002/2003)

Course1 : Practical training in membrane biochemistry

Course2 : Practical training in Biophysical chemistry, Biophyics

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