Membrane Pharmacy Structure Dynamics 

Research group : Priv.Doz. Dr. Thomas Nawroth 

Chemical Synthesis   

Preliminary page
Topics: caged compounds, hydrophobic and membrane markers, metal labels

The MPSD group synthesizes three classes of low molecular weight compounds:
i) Caged componds for triggering of time resolved experiments by flash photolysis, e.g. caged-ATP and caged acids / proton (pH-jump with liposomes).
ii) Colored and fluorescent hydrophobic markers for protein and membrane labeling / photolabeling (see F15)
iii) Arteficial quasi-covalent metal labels, especially with rare earth elements as Europium, Gadolinium (see R##)

Other chemical synthesis products are available from collaborating groups, e.g. lanthanide compunds, lipids, photolabels and -crosslinkers.

Caged compounds

Hydrophbic and membrane markers

Metal labels


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