Membran Pharmazie Struktur Dynamik 

(MPSD) Projekt  : Priv.Doz. Dr.habil. Thomas Nawroth 

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Preliminary page

- Liposomen  - Hollow spheres of biogenic lipids : entrapping of drugs and other labels, immuno-reactive particles (with membrane anchored antigenes or antibodies), investigations on biological membranes (response to membrane potentials)

- Magnetische Liposomen - Liposomes with an internal ferromagnetic iron oxide shell: magnetic particles for cancer therapy (neutron capture of entrapped boron compounds), magnetic drug targeting (drug entrapped in the liposome lumen), biophysical experiments (membranes, Rheology, cellular traffic and transport)

- Ferrofluide - Nanoparticles constructed from massive iron oxide spheres for magnetic drug targeting (cancer therapy), spectroscopy, magnetic imaging (MR) and technical applications

- Motile Polymere - a concept for technical application of molecular motion (Polymers, capable of active motion)

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